We have all heard of PDA (Public Display of Affection, I think…). I remember being in school and teachers and students yelling PDA when a girl and boy would hug or kiss. It was like a warzone, a teacher would be 100ft from two kids at their lockers and you’d hear them yelling for them to separate like it was life or death. Well lucky for me and my hubby our daughter Lo has decided to take on the PDA police roll, Yay…

I am not kidding she’s a nut, worse than those teachers in school. It feels like I have to sneak around with my own husband in our own home.

Now, she doesn’t mind a little booty tap or anything quick like a forehead kiss but too much more and she’s a loose canon.

If we hug and she isn’t included she yells and runs over to us and tries to separate us so she can get in the middle of us.

Tickling isn’t even an option in our home because she doesn’t allow it (although I am kind of thankful for that one.) If she see’s the hubby tickling me she will literally scream at the top of her lungs to grab our attention and come over and pull her daddy’s hands off of me.

She is like my personal body guard. I say this because she could give a shit about dad when it comes to these things. If I kiss him, no biggy. If I punch him in the arm, no biggy. If I throw him off a cliff, no biggy (JK, most days..) But seriously I could do anything to him good or bad and she would let it slide, but if daddy makes a pass at mama -HELL TO THE NO!

I guess I am just the teachers pet? Child’s pet? Nope, that sounds creepy.


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