Who the hell invented prep time for cooking? Whoever they are definitely wasn’t a mother, nor did they have a mother (well, they obviously had a mother but, their mother lied to them.) Because prep time lies us mama’s!

As a mama, I know that pretty much anything is likely to take a tad longer with my daughter rather than if I was alone (Ok, more than a tad.) So, I usually remind myself of that extra “I have child, it’s okay if I am late, but I am gonna try really hard to be on time” time. But that doesn’t work with cooking. Because I am usually cooking for the restless little girl who see’s the food in front of her and doesn’t understand why it’s not ok to eat yet.

Every single time I cook, I always see the prep time, cook time, and total time and literally LOL because I know it’s not happening. It’s actually become a secret game I play with myself (I swear I have friends.) I like to guess how many times I will get interrupted while cooking and come up with the actual “MOM” prep time, this is usually an extra 30 minutes or more (completely ridiculous.)

This is why I think that someone (not me, haha are you kidding?) needs to go through a recipe book and re-examine all of the recipes with an anxious kiddo by their side. This way all mama’s (or daddy’s), you know the people who are actually cooking, can see how long it will most likely take for them to cook this meal when there kids are around.

For instance… The other night I was so excited because prep time was only 15 minutes, cook time was 35 (I could actually get something done in this time) and then a beautiful meal would appear. But as usual I was wrong (just ask my hubby.) so instead of the 15 minute meal prep, it took me about an hour and this was even a pretty calm evening for Lo.

Anyone that can create a mom friendly prep time cookbook is automatically #1 in my book. And to anyone that does do this, BLESS YOU!!!!!


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