I feel like I don’t usually brag on my kiddo on my posts because most of the time I’m laughing at the silly things she does, but honestly I need to brag. I’ve been having a lot of proud parent moments lately where I just want to yell, “MY KID IS A ROCKSTAR” and give out a million high fives but I can’t because…adult life

For instance, the other day we took my mother to the airport and Lo told us two times that she needed to potty at the beginning and middle of the drive. The airport is an hour away and I pretty much assumed she would have an accident because it was 6am and we couldn’t find any open gas stations on the way. When we finally were able to find a restroom near the airport to my surprise she hadn’t had an accident and went in the potty like a big girl. I know this may seem like a tiny victory but to me it’s like climbing Everest these days. So let me just shout on here “HOORAY FOR HOLDING YOUR PEE IN SO LONG LOLO” and give you all virtual high fives.

Another time this week I was super proud of her was at Target! She has been known to have a fit or two over a toy but this time she was beyond good. I mean, she put items back exactly where she found them when I told her no. She didn’t cry or yell when a random kid stole a toy out of her hand. She didn’t even play hide and seek in the clothing racks (which was almost concerning.) I even had a store clerk tell me how good she was. I literally turned around to see if they were talking to someone else, because..she’s kinda cray…

But she’s also super sweet. For instance this morning she sneezed and I said “bless you Harlow” and then I coughed and she said, “bless you mama”, then proceeded to point to dad and said “dad, tell mama bless you.” So…maybe she’s a tad bossy but the proud parent moment still came flowing in ☺️

I should probably shut my mouth before I jinx all of the good behavior but man sometimes it just feels good to be a proud mama and share it , even for the things that may seem small to others. So, to all you proud parents feel free to shout it out because there’s always someone like me who totally understands.


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