Rosé all day, everyday of the year

Do you rosé? I feel like there is a huge misconception that you can only rosé in the warm days of summer but let me prove you wrong!

If you have been joining my journey for long you know that my family loves to explore every part of our home in Colorado! We go hiking at least once a week and find new fun spots to adventure to. The hubby and I decided to take a hike ourselves to a beautiful lake nearby and bring along some of our favorite Wines of Provence rosé. He loves it just as much as I do!

Provence is known as the "birthplace of rosé" and for good reason, they devote nearly 90% of their growth capacity to rosé wines and produce 5% of the world's rosé, which basically tells you they are going to be delicious and that you can find one that fits your pallet! When I am searching for a premium rosé it's not always easy because I like rosé that is fruity, floral, and well balanced. You have to know your regions to find the perfect wine for you but I have always found success with Provence!

I personally love to always have a good appetizer with my wine and rosé is no different from any other. I prefer to try a wine before deciding what may best go with it but I can't seem to find many foods that I wouldn't eat with the Wines of Provence rosé. Whether it's the traditional cheese platter or dining in with Asian cuisine it just feels right.

Whenever we decide to do a day date, especially a hike, we always bring along one of our favorite wines and a snack to compliment it. No matter the season a rosé always seems to be the right choice for hiking. It is refreshing for starters but I also love that it won't stain! It goes great with just about every snack we could bring too whether it's a nutritional food bar or sea salt cracker!

Apparently I am not the only one loving the Wines of Provence either because over 22.5 million bottles were exported last year! Holy cow, that's a lot of people with good taste! Wines of Provence has three major appellations: Côtes de Provence, Coteaux d’Aix-en-Provence, and Coteaux Varois en Provence! I would absolutely love to visit someday because of how gorgeous the area is, full of color, and of course delicious wine!

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