We have all heard the infamous saying, “save water, shower together” and we have all also probably thought it was somewhat of a funny or sexy way of getting your significant other to join you in the shower…IN MY DREAMS…

My daughter has never once taken an interest in what a shower even is until recently. She has always seen the shower as a way to make mama disappear suddenly and then return 10 minutes later. A trick she often didn’t approve of but mama’s need to feel clean too..

A few weeks ago, daddy had to run an errand and Lo was super pissed about the disappearing act (but I had shit on me and there was no way I wasn’t gonna shower.) So, I decided to throw her behind the curtain with me. I honestly figured it would piss her off even more but to my surprise she laid her baby bum on the shower tile and let the somewhat steamy water hit her back for like 20 minutes (no, it wasn’t very hot at all and yes, she is clearly a woman after my own heart.) I felt a moment of relief cross me as I was actually able to scrub the poop from under my fingernail off and soak up the relaxing moment myself. I thought to myself, “This is perfect, this is mama + baby bliss.”

It’s funny how something can be so right at one moment and then at another you realize what a mistake you have made.

Reasons you should never shower with your kid:

  1. You will never shower alone again. Seriously, not one single time. I tried to during nap time once and she woke up and of course dad brought her into the room and bam I had a shower mate once again.

  2. Your child will always and forever only want to shower. I have tried multiple times every single damn week to get my daughter in the bathtub again. Even just for a quick rinse but to my obvious failure she absolutely refuses because the shower is more fun apparently.

  3. You will never have space in your shower for your own two feet. I can’t even tell you how many dolphins I have stepped on and almost killed myself over because miss thing doesn’t have anywhere to put her “shower toys.” The reason is because they are not shower toys they are bath toys and I refuse to change that description.

  4. Your child will almost always want to get out before you do or stay in longer than you do. It is no longer a process of cleanliness, its based on your kid’s terms and if they want out while you are still conditioning you better rinse that shit before they slip and die or shiver to death standing on the bathroom tile.

Save water, shower together, has an entirely new meaning when you have kids…


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