My husband said something interesting to me the other day.

“Why does Lo always get compliments for everything and not me” He was talking about how she always gets a “good job” or high five for wiping her nose or eating her food with a spoon.

Now I know he was just being funny and asking me why I never compliment him on things like blowing his nose but in all honesty why not?

Obviously I don’t need to yell “way to blow your nose honey” every time he grabs a tissue, but there’s definitely a lot of other things I could be praising him for.

I mean, why not thank him everyday for going to work and helping to support our family. Why not thank him for the things that have become a necessity in our life, yet still aren’t always easy to do. I know a lot of days he’d rather stay home and play with Lo or sleep in for once, but instead he’s working hard to be there for us in other ways.

Don’t get me wrong, he definitely spends a lot of time with his little family but I know it’s hard for him to leave in the morning and tell Lo that she can’t go with him. Honestly it’s kind of sad. She will run to the door and grab her jacket and say “shoes dada” and he has to tell her no. Of course, she doesn’t understand why, but i do.

I understand that he sacrifices a lot for us and I understand that I should show him more gratitude for that. So, honey… when you’re reading this on one of your “longer” bathroom breaks, please know how much I appreciate you and love you!


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