Let me start by saying I have only shot one gun before and it was directed at a can (which I definitely missed several times.) I am pretty sure it was an AR15 Rifle, but who knows? I have no experience with guns, the name honestly sounds like a European car to me.

Every year at Thanksgiving on my dad’s side of the family all of my cousins and uncles like to go out and shoot skeet. Most years, it’s freezing so I opt out, but this year it was 65 (thanks global warming) so I decided, what the heck?

Well apparently, you aren’t supposed to wear heels while shooting skeet, did you know that? (This is news to me.) Also, it’s recommended that you probably, definitely know how to hold a shot gun (this also includes not pointing it at other people.) I also learned that you should really have decent balance when shooting a gun.

Believe it or not, I actually hiT one.

Although, I still think the highlight of this moment was the shit I had the privilege of stepping in. Thanks for that Jeffery the bull.


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