If you love to find unique styles and brands Shop Billie is your place, I guarantee it. It has been my favorite place to shop in the Denver area for awhile now and I don't imagine that will ever change.

You know when you walk into a store and you can never find what you are looking for? Well, this place is the complete opposite because I always want everything, seriously, EVERYTHING!

Whether you are looking for a casual mom look, a boho set for a summer festival, or a gorgeous dress for wedding season you will find it. The store is stocked with all kinds of stunning accessories too like earrings, cute bags, and even the best candles I have ever smelt in my life!

Okay so I obviously adore this shop but a good shopping experience is more than just a cute outfit, right? You have to have a good atmosphere, perfect customer service, and the vibes must be ALL positive. Shop Billie Is located on Tennyson st which is honestly one of my favorite spots EVER. It has tons of natural lighting in the store which is so nice to feel like you see what you'll actually be getting. Plus, the shop owner is an absolute doll. She is so sweet, but even more so a great stylist. If you aren't positive what you need she can help style you in under 30 seconds!

But, don't just take my word for it, check out all of my awesome outfits below!

Be sure to go find Shop Billie on Instagram, website, or at their in-store location:

4162 Tennyson St. Denver, CO 80212


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