My hubby has a problem. It’s something he’s not aware of, as most problems are, although I always make him aware the next day…He sleep talks.

Now I know that doesn’t seem all too crazy but some of the things he says and does is so extreme I can’t even describe it, I will try to keep it at least PG-13 here because some things are just TMI.

One time I got up to pee and when I came back my hubby started yelling at me to put on more clothes because I was dressed unreasonably for the plane we were on….? Then he threw a pair of his boxer briefs at my face and told me to cover up (cause that will do a whole lot..)

Another time he thought there was an intruder in our home and got under the covers and shook me awake only to tell me he thinks someone is in the house…How lovely to know that if someone was actually in our home his first reaction is to take cover, literally.

The best part about these little interactions between us is that after 30-60 seconds of this behavior he just falls back into his slumber like nothing happened. Meanwhile, I am left laying their like WTF and trying to pick apart what just happened. It is pretty funny, I have to admit. Especially because he never remembers anything he’s done or said, so I just get to give him shit for it the next day.

Oh, marriage is a wonderful thing.


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