I know that I am not the first mama to put their sweet, innocent child’s face on snapchat and try out one of the hilarious or creepy filters. I mean seriously, I think I could spend my entire day doing this if Lo would just sit still long enough to let it happen. It probably takes me a good 20 minutes to capture one of these beauties but it’s so worth it.

Whoever created snapchat filters is my wish-list best friend. I mean they clearly have to be somewhere between extremely awesome and top 50 most hilarious people in the world, right?

You can literally do anything with these filters. My favorite it face swapping and the voice changer, but that’s mostly just because they’re basically the best things in the world right now!

I mean come on…One second my daughter is a cute deer and then all of the sudden she can turn into some freaky version of her father. Although you know what’s kind of funny? When we used one of those baby face predictors when I was pregnant, my hubby looks extremely similar in this picture to the baby they predicted for us.

I think my favorite of these is the older gentlemen. Since I will be long gone by the time my Lo ages to that point it’s kind of nice to see what she might look like in her old age. Although, I have to admit I imagined her with less facial hair.

Today I am thankful for snapchat filters #24thankfuldays.

Happy Friday!


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