I have always known that my little girl was a huge fan of snuggling. A lot of kids love to snuggle up with their parents at least on some occasions. I never knew how extreme her snuggle addiction was though..

It honestly only recently started occurring outside of the usual stuffed animal or blanket. She has never been truly obsessed with any one particular thing at bedtime (outside of the binky) and thank goodness that’s gone, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t want something with her all of the time at night.

I noticed this a few weeks ago when she kept asking to take a book to bed with her. She loves to read so I figured she was planning a little light reading before she falls asleep (gosh she’s a nerd, love it.) Then she began asking for two books, a baby doll, blanket, water…etc basically anything I would allow her to go to bed with.

I am not kidding when I say that last week she slept with a tiny pumpkin for 4 nights in a row. Like real-deal, pulled in tight, snuggled all night long. When I finally told her we needed to put it on the porch with the other pumpkins it was no big deal to her but she just attached herself to another item to take to bed….

A waffle…

An ego waffle….

Yes, she might be the weirdest kid ever but I didn’t even realize it until the next morning and she was asking me to get her blanket for her and then she said and my waffle…

I’m literally looking at her like WTF is she trying to tell me and then I realized she wasn’t kidding, she wanted the waffle out of her bed with her to cuddle that morning…

I am not positive how to handle this current addiction, but I definitely am starting to fear what might pop into her bed next. I mean really…chocolate cake, a tire, a live chicken, a boy??? Oh please, no…. if you know of any snuggle addiction counselors send their numbers my way!


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