I have struggled with pumping ever since my first born. It never felt easy to me, so I didn't do it very often unless I was planning to be away for a few hours, which honestly only made pumping even more difficult.

I was lucky that I was able to breastfeed and both of my girls latched quickly and after that first week of toe curling pain it was easy flowing from there, literally! But, pumping was not my strong suite which may seem okay but it made me feel frustrated because I was the only one able to help my baby when it came to feedings. Which, don't get me wrong, I am 100% thankful for that, however being able to have time away or allow other people to help out is high on my list for making sure mama is healthy too.

I got my first breast pump through insurance when I had Harlow and at the time it only covered a particular type which never felt right, but at the same time it was FREE so I went with it and continued to use this same pump with Lennon until I realized how much time I was spending on it. I mean seriously I was pumping for 45-60 minutes just to get 1 bottles worth of liquid gold to freeze for my baby. It made no sense to me. When Lennon nurses she usually goes about 15 minutes and is full for (4 hours+) and the equivalent was true when giving her a bottle so I knew that the bottle must be close in the same amount of breastmilk from nursing. This was taking valuable time away from my kids, husband, house work, and me-time. So I was fed up and started doing some crazy research on different pump brands, which is when I came across SPECTRA S1+!

I obviously asked around and even tried a few different styles of pumps but everything either felt inadequate or too expensive but Spectra was my perfect breast pump match.

First off my favorite thing about the Spectra S2 is that it is an electric breast pump with a built in rechargeable battery, which basically means I can charge this baby up and be on my way without being plugged into the wall while breastfeeding. I can take it my car, mommy and me classes, out to a restaurant...basically anywhere that I feel comfortable nursing at I can now pump at too.

I also love how quiet it is. My old pump used to make so much noise it would inhibit me from having conversations because I couldn't hear anything anyone was saying. The Spectra is so quiet you wouldn't even know I was pumping unless you were staring straight at me. This is amazing for me because on days when Lennon nurses more often and I wake up in the middle of the night I can just turn it on in bed if I feel like I need to pump and I don't wake anyone up.

Speaking of middle of the night pumping, it has a nightlight...yep pretty awesome. So if you need to pump just push the button and it offers 2 comfortable settings for different lighting options so you can easily see the buttons. The light is also non-fluorescent so it doesn't make your eyes scream in the dark!

Let's talk features

(See photos below for photo description)

Power: Pretty obvious, it turns on your pump. But make sure you hit the button when you are done so you don't run out your battery. Sounds silly but this pump is so quiet that it could be easy to forget if you walk away to store your milk first.

Cycle: This is how quickly baby is sucking at the breast (aka the baby sucks quicker when starting to get the flow going and when it's a good speed they may slow down.) This produces 5 speed settings between 38-54 rpm to help you adjust to your preference.

Massage: This is your let down mode, which helps stimulate your milk ducts to produce breastmilk.

Volume: Helps you adjust the suction once you place it on your breast to help suit your comfort level. This should be comfortable, not painful. If it is painful, re-adjust your settings.

The Spectra does come with all of the needed items for double pumping if you choose to pump both breasts at the same time. Remember to close one of the two holes (3rd photo above on the right) if you choose to only pump one breast so that you are getting suction.

Another, awesome feature is the timer. You can actually see how long you have been pumping vs. constantly checking your phone or another clock. I love this because I hated pumping for so long and the Spectra actually recommends you only do so for about 15 minutes each time, which absolutely suits my needs/time constraints.

There are several other awesome features for the Spectra such as an attachable nipple top for easy bottle feeding directly from the pump bottle, cleaning, storage, and adaptors. All of these features make life a little bit easier when it comes to pumping.

For me, I am able to pump a full bottles worth in 1/3-1/4 of the time I was using my other pump. I would definitely recommend this pump because it is long lasting, portable, and I personally am able to reduce my pumping time. It makes my life easier and I don't have to remember to charge it everyday either, due to long last lasting battery.

If you are like me and struggle with pumping for an assortment of reasons, don't just settle with the pump you receive from insurance if they don't offer you options. If they do offer options make sure you are doing your research before deciding which one you like the best. The Spectra has made my life easier and in the craziness of motherhood you need easier, less time-consuming options, and the spectra helped me achieve that!

If you have further questions or concerns about this product regarding pricing, safety, and cleaning please refer to the Spectra website here!

To see different Spectra pump options to shop for check out the website here!

See if insurance covers your Spectra S1+/S2 here!! 


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