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Stitch Fix Review

This is a sponsored post with Stitch Fix. All opinions are my own!

If you know me at all you know that I have a true affinity for fashion, styling, shopping..and all that goes with it. But you also know that I am a busy mama and sometimes finding the time just doesn't work out. Which is why I thought I would try out Stitch Fix.

Stitch Fix is a one stop personal shopper to help you get items you will love without the hassle of shopping. All you have to do is take a quick quiz about what type of styles you love/hate so they can match you with one of their hundreds of personal shoppers to help get you exactly what you need.

One of my favorite options that Stitch Fix offers it how they can specialize your Fix, meaning if your'e heading to an event, on vacation, or have a fun date coming up you can let them know and they will help to provide the best options! Personally this Fix needed to meet two different things (Summer wedding and beach vacation!) I was absolutely tough on my quiz and details regarding my shopping needs and hoped that would make it somewhat easier for my personal shopper. She provided so many cute and unique styles and I am so excited to show you my try on!

I love to keep it trendy or super simple. I love a good capsule piece but I also love something that stands out, both of which can be the most difficult to find. Truthfully I was a little worried trying Stitch Fix because I am very picky but I was not disappointed.

I absolutely love a versatile piece of clothing. Something I can wear in a few different ways or style for multiple occasions. That's why I adore these pieces because the majority of what I have received is so interchangeable! So let's chat about a few... Shoes: (top left): These babies are exactly what I have been in need of because they slip on, have the slight platform for a trendier look, but they are also neutral so I can wear them with EVERYTHING! Plus these shoes fit into both of my categories for a fun day on my vacation or to a casual summer wedding!

A good kimono can change the world and this circle patterned kimono is so fun and perfect for year round! Whether you're a nursing mama, need a layer, want to tie it up for a cute top (middle bottom photo), or just need a swimsuit cover up this darling piece has got your back! I will absolutely be using this as a cover up on my beach vacation next week!

In between all of the amazing versatile options you will always need the perfect dress, which is why I always request this on my Stitch Fix page. I love a flirty or bohemian look and Stitch Fix has completely set the bar high for finding me exactly what I want! Luckily the wedding I am attending is at a winery and this dress is completely perfect for a lovely day outdoors! Overall, I completely recommend trying Stitch Fix for yourself or your family! YES, they have this for men and kids too! I will absolutely be trying this for my husband next month because he is in desperate need of a wardrobe makeover but doesn't have time to go shopping! I love how each piece was so different but specified towards my current style needs! Head over to Stitch Fix and receive $25 off your first right now!

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