What is it with toddlers and getting stuck in everything? I swear every time I turn around Lo has mastered yet another way to entangle herself into something she cannot get out of.

The other day she got stuck in a wooden rocking chair. She decided she needed to figure out how to get into the chair from under the arm rest instead of the normal way (because she is that strange) and yep, stuck. The best part was that she just waited there for several minutes before we even realized she was stuck, which made me kind of proud (she usually always yells at me for literally anything she needs.)

It amazes me how much some things bother her ( I am guessing she inherited her fathers OCD.) For instance, anytime I take the groceries out of the bags she loves to gather them up in her arms and bring them to me (she is so helpful that way.) But, without fail she will always step on one and get it stuck around her ankle. This seriously freaks the girl out. I mean she will run around the house screaming bloody murder, trying to escape this plastic grocery sack. I have to admit I let her take a few laps before helping her get un-stuck (bad mommy party of 1…)

I remember when she first started drinking out of a handled sippy cup, she absolutely loved it (she is very independent.) One of the first few times she drank out of it she put her hands underneath the handles (this isn’t the proper way to hold a sippy cup in case you were wondering.) Well, of course, her hands got stuck, and she starts screaming. I turn around and see my Lo waving her hands attached to the cup up and down frantically. And then she bumped herself in the face with it. So that was an entirely new ordeal I had to tackle…

All I can do is keep breathing and have faith that she will grow out of this stuck faze. Although, I am not sure I ever did…


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