Sunny Days, Protected from the Rays!

This post is sponsored by Neutrogena®, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

Warmer days have me dreaming of feeling the sun on my skin and taking on every adventure that comes my way. But before I head outdoors there's something crucial I absolutely never forget. SPF!

I have been using Neutrogena®'s Age Shield® Face Oil-Free SPF 110 and have become slightly obsessed. Find it online here:

Truthfully, SPF was never the first thing on my mind when I'd head out on any adventure, I was always too excited. However, as I've gotten older I have noticed how crucial it is to protect my aging skin from the sun. Plus, I realized that wearing SPF didn't mean jeopardizing other areas of my skin, which was a huge bonus when I found the Age Shield® Face Oil-Free SPF 110 .

When choosing an SPF for myself, I always look for a few specific things.

  • SPF amount

  • Effect on Skin

  • Ingredients

SPF Amount - This is something that is pretty obvious but not everyone knows the meaning behind it. SPF is how we measure how much a sunscreen can filter out UVB light (Ultraviolet B). Anyone looking for the most protection possible, is going to want an SPF of 110 or higher to create a 99% block from the UVB.

Effect on skin- I am always wanting to keep my skin healthy and youthful which is why I love using the Age Shield® Face Oil-Free SPF 110. Not only does it help combat sun induced free-radicals which can accelerate signs of aging. This means that the product actually helps maintain your skins youthful appearance.

Ingredients- Anytime I use any type of product I like to make sure I won't be putting myself in harms way with any ingredients. Luckily the Age Shield® Face Oil-Free SPF 110 is PABA free which is an ingredient that can cause skin allergies and cause reactions, which is why I find it important to use a brand that keeps PABA out of it's products.

Overall, this product reached all

my expectations in a superior sunscreen,

plus I love that you can find it at Walmart or online here!


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