I probably don’t even need to write an actual post for you all to relate to this title. It is pretty self-explanatory but I am going to anyway.

Today my mother and I went to Target with the simple mission of getting Lo some new footie pajamas. I remember the faint yell to my dad and hubby as we ran out the door, “be back in 30.” We all knew this was a lie but it somehow made us feel better.

We entered Target and made it about 5 steps before we realized we couldn’t shop for pajamas without Starbucks.

While I continued to wait in line for our fall coffee’s my mother remembered she needed some new face wash. Once we got to this section, she decided she should check out a new coconut oil lotion. This then reminded me that I also wanted a new conditioner and lip exfoliator. (We are now up to 5 unneeded items.)

We started making our way to the children’s clothing but of course, we got distracted by some of their new Christmas decorum. (7 unneeded items.)

This time we actually made it to the children’s clothing (Just kidding.) We stopped at maternity and I reminisced about missing my baby bump and made a quick decision about getting pregnant this summer (I sent the hubby a calendar invite for late June- He appreciates when I do those reminders.)

Finally! The children clothing. Oh wait, “that’s a cute sweater and those comfy leggings… I think she needs them in black and gray.” (9 unneeded items.) “Wait! That poncho is too cute not to get ” (10 unneeded items.)

We started heading towards the puzzles because my mother thought this would be a good time to grab some for the holidays (not sure why? We have never actually put a puzzle together at family functions.) On the way to the puzzle section of the store we stopped and smelled candles fo 15 minutes while smelling our coffee’s in between so we could truly get the proper smell. It was a hard call between ‘gray flannel’ and ‘tobacco timber’ but we decided gray flannel felt cozier for the soul. (12 unneeded items.)

On the way to checkout, we stopped in to pick out some Christmas toys for Lo, grabbed two must-read books, and ran into the dance teacher from high school. (15 unneeded items- if you’re wondering why we are only at 15 it’s because we didn’t take the dance teacher to go.)

Ahh, the checkout line. “That will be 3,000 dollars, Miss.”

As we settled into the car and checked our phones, only 2.5 hours longer than expected and 5 missed calls from the hubbies, we began our trek home.

Shit!!! We forgot the pajamas!


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