It was the best of times, it was the worst of times…Okay, no I am not going to start preaching Charles Dickens however, today definitely felt like the best and worst day ever.

Have you ever had one of those days where you literally were at a loss? At a loss for yourself, your baby, your house, your clothes (not that I really get dressed most days.) A day where all you can figure out is where the closest liquor store is? Well,that’s what I did today. I found the closest liquor store and I made it my Bitch. I literally bought every red wine that was in the cold section. Not sure why I thought I could drink an entire bottle before the next one was chilled, but I was clearly thinking “I am invincible after this day.”

Let’s go ahead and number the list of WTF moments.

  1. Harlow has a runny nose. Not the worst.

  2. Harlow doesn’t want to nap. Ehh, it happens to us all.

  3. Harlow doesn’t want to leave my boob. hmmm, this seems odd.

  4. Harlow finally naps! YES!!! FINALLY, freedom, best day ever!

  5. Harlow wakes up thinking she is the HULK.

  6. Harlow looks out the window at the neighbor, gets distracted, pulls down the curtains. Ok, clearly an accident, right?

  7. Harlow decides to take the dried apple crisps and dump them on the floor, stomping on them until they’re so tiny even the ants don’t bother. Shes determined?

  8. Harlow decides she needs a drink of mama’s water. Harlow spills water all over daddy’s laptop. The worst of times has begun.

At this time I get a call from the auto shop letting me know I need a new transmission. Oh, lovely I thought, thank you so much. I hang up, I am strong, I get the stroller prepped (because eh I don’t have a car). I sprint a few blocks, take a few quick turns, and glory be I see the most beautiful sight. THE LIBRARY. If you didn’t know I live in a college town and they thought it was hilarious to call the liquor store the library, I admit, I laughed.

I rush in and grab as much as my vista stroller will pack in and head home. I finally arrive back home, ready to grab my “angel” and this is what I see…In case you were wondering her shirt says “THE REAL BOSS”

Someone please, have a drink with me.


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