HELLO WORLD! Thank you for being here with me. This is my daughter and me on one of those perfectly, imperfect kind of days. This pretty much sums up our average day. Harlow always looking cute with her bows (mostly because if she doesn’t wear one people think she’s a boy). And mom (me) trying to be cute as my underarm flab hangs out. As my little girl dangles over my shoulder I can’t help but think, “how did I get so lucky?” I have realized over the last several months that nothing is ever going to go the way I want it to being a mother. No matter how much I try, something planned for the day will fall through but no matter what I will ALWAYS get through it. If not for me, for my family- for my little Lolo.

What I love most about this picture is what you don’t see. You don’t see her diaper hanging out of her cut little romper with a small but clearly distinct poop stain coming through. You don’t see the beer in my full but not too full hands. You don’t see the itty bitty hand with a firm grip on my right boob securing it in case it was to leave spontaneously.

Mamahood has taught me quite a bit but this is the clear definition. You don’t always get the pretty picture, sometimes you get shit on yourself and you go about your day. But no matter what it is completely and totally, 100% worth it.


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