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The Mess is Ok.

I think sometimes as a parent you feel like your'e supposed to have it all together. Maybe it's because you want to teach your kids good values (i.e. picking up after yourself or flushing the toilet) but whatever the reason, I am here to tell you, THE MESS IS OK.

Do not break yourself to keep the house together.

Do not break yourself to make everyone else happy.

Do not break yourself, period.

I have come to the realization that I LOVE to keep things clean and organized, but I have also come to love the mess. How? Because there are more important things than just keeping shit together. For example- sanity.

I have also come to the realization that most people (besides yourself) aren't actually judging you for the chores you haven't done and if they are offer them a mop because we can always use an extra hand, right?


I remember having a girlfriend over a few months after Lennon was born and my house was super tidy and she was like, "WOW, how do you do it?" and I had no answer because I had a pretty good sleeper and Lo was still taking naps. Then she came over a few months later and my house was a disaster. I actually expected her to judge me because of her last visit but she didn't, she said, "WOW, I am so glad your house is a mess and that you didn't cancel our play date, because so is mine and I really wanted to get together."

Doesn't it blow your mind how easily we get into our own heads? So let's get out of them, shall we?

SO, I am here to tell you...

THE MESS IS OK and although you should eventually get to it, it can wait for you.



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