It’s midnight and I can’t fall asleep. All I can think about is what I am forgetting to do. I start running through the lists in my head.

Groceries (because we need to eat)

Fold laundry (because it’s been sitting in a clean pile for 2 days)

Shower (because it’s also been 2 days)

Mail birthday gifts…etc. The to-do list truly goes on and on. Even my lists have lists. I finally stop thinking about everything that needs to be done tomorrow and start falling asleep. But, wait a minute. What’s that awful smell? Oh no, please no!

Dirty diaper.

I now have to contemplate if it’s worth getting up to find the diaper or if I can deal with the raunchy stink all night. My goodness haven’t I done enough today? All I can think about now is “what did I do to deserve this terrible punishment?” Maybe…it was because I ate that candy bar or because I threw a piece of trash in my can but missed and pretended not to notice. I am a terrible person.

All I know now is that I need to deal with this diaper situation. I’ve got it! I slid across the bed, tap on the hubbies shoulder. Honey…”Do you think you could deal with that smell?”

Jeez, I am just kidding. No way he would wake up from a simple tap. No No. I slid across the bed and shoved him back and forth until he came to. Honey…”Do you think you could deal with that smell?”

5 minutes later… mission accomplished. Finally, I can sleep. Oh wait, Just kidding. The baby is awake. The hubby quietly chuckles, “your turn.”

It’s a good thing she’s cute!


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