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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Pantene. All opinions are 100% mine.

Why does self-care seem like a selfish statement to so many women?

I remember overhearing a woman talking to her friend about how she hadn't read a book in over a year and she used to read one once a week but didn't feel like she should be spending time on something for her; that wasn't a vital piece of her day.

I used to think that way too. I used to think that I shouldn't get to sit down if the laundry still needed folding or I hadn't bathed my kids. I thought my to-do list had to be complete before I got something for myself. Some kind of messed up reward system I made up in my head that was complete bogus!

Let me tell you something, the to-do list is literally never going to be done. You will always find something else to clean, fix, or poke at if you let yourself. Your sanity is more important than folding the last load of laundry in the next hour. So instead of forcing yourself to forget about the things you love, embrace them, make them habits. Make self-care something you practice daily.

Self-care is one of the most important things you can do for yourself and for everyone else in your life.The funny thing about self-care, is that it's a lot easier to incorporate into your life than you think. I challenged myself to step back for an hour of my day to see what I could do to take care of myself and guess what! My entire family survived without me for that whole hour!

For me, self-care looks a little like a spa day mixed with feeling like my life is together.

  • I love to start off with picking up some fresh flowers and it's so convenient because I am always at the grocery store (win/win). Flowers make me feel like the space I am in is clean, happy, and colorful!

  • Then, I head home and lock myself in my room for a hot bath (uninterrupted by all family members- yes that includes my cat, Frank).During this time, I like to start out with washing my hair. The high quality ingredients in the brands that I use like the New Miracle Moisture Boost Collection with Rose Water by Pantene, It’s free of sulfates, parabens, dyes and mineral oil, and helps me transform my dry/frizzy hair into silky and hydrated! I use both their shampoo and conditioner to keep my hair feeling as fabulous as possible! One thing I love about this collection is that it includes the rosewater ingredient which was historically used by Moroccan women for purifying and moisturizing the body. Many also use rose water in their teas as well as to hydrate their skin! If you’re interested in trying this soothing and hydrating collection, click here!

  • During my bath, I love to organize my time in my everyday planner. To some people, this may sound like work, but for me it's incredibly relaxing to lay out my week day by day. It helps me stay on task and not forget my daughters dance classes (definitely don't want to feel her sadness on that again!)

  • Depending on the time of day, I will absolutely bring a glass of wine, bubbles, and a little James Bay to truly get into the spa, relaxation mood!

Now, I know you can't always take an hour out of your day, but you can surely take 5 minutes or find alternative ways to introduce self-care into things you are already doing! There are so many ways you can implement self-care into your daily ritual by simply focusing on what it means to you! To some people this may be a good book right before bed, cooking a colorful meal for your family, growing your own garden, taking daily vitamins, throwing on a face mask, or simply enjoying a bubble bath with your favorite products. Self-care doesn't have to always be taking away from your to-do list, it can become a habit if you remind yourself you are important and deserve it.


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