I can pretty confidently say that I have made it thus far through parenting due to three things. 1. All my supporters (aka..the hubby, my family, and BFF’s), 2. My Netflix addiction, and 3. My love of wine. These three things have pretty much been there for me since I had my sweet girl. They helped me through the late nights, vomit stained clothes, and leaky diapers. They are pretty much my superheroes.

I guess I must have thought that I was doing a pretty good job myself because I decided adding another baby to the mix was doable, which it definitely is but… What I didn’t expect was the pregnancy. YES! I know how dumb that sounds and YES! I know you have to cook the bun in the oven a bit (this isn’t my first rodeo.) But apparently I completely forgot in my mom brain mode that you can’t drink while you are pregnant. WHAT??? It’s shocking I know. (And NO!! I have not had a thing to drink during my pregnancy.)

We have been experiencing the terrible two’s quite a bit at our house lately and I have no clue why I chose not to be able to drink wine during this most difficult time in my life. I literally can’t even pick out my daughters breakfast without a tantrum these days and although it is frowned upon to drink wine during breakfast either way, it would have been nice to at least consider it.

I don’t know how those mama’s with kids back to back do it, y’all are either insane, angels, or you have a super power you aren’t letting the rest of us in on. You are rockstars…but I suppose we all are in one way or another.

For now, have a drink for me if you’re able!


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