As a parent, you know very well at this point that kids are messy. They are more than messy. They are like the most disgusting things you can think of X2000. It’s honestly not their fault, they’re just learning and part of learning is making huge messes like shitting on the floor or rubbing ravioli all over the flat screen. But as parents we also know that we just have to get over it.

We pretty much get over it every day of our lives. Whether its a big or small disgusting mess, we have no choice. I mean, you can’t just leave it there forever.

I have to be honest, there have been a few messes I have purposely ignored because I didn’t care to deal with it at that time and I knew my hubby would be home shortly..(sorry hun.)

I also have to admit that there have been a few messes that I truly JUST CANT deal with so what do I do? Throw it away.

Most parents understand that a baby will have a blow out every so often, to which you carefully clean and get the stains out or whatever but not me – I introduce that bad boy to another smelly being called the trash. I mean, they were meant to be.

Most of the times it’s just clothes I don’t think the stains are worth scrubbing out. Sometimes it’s a bib that has too many crusty spots. Once I threw out a baby doll because my daughter dragged her through the mud, stuck a lollipop in her hair, and then fed her cheetoh puffs….honestly I think I was just pissed at the doll – she had to go.

I don’t know exactly makes one thing worth cleaning vs. another but I can definitely say it saves time. Don’t worry at least I clean up my daughter every time, or at least drench her in baby wipes…


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