Let's chat about transitioning to two because I know it can be difficult at times, not only for you and the new baby, but also your first born.

I knew Lo would be the best big sister but I also knew that she is incredibly independent and sassy. The girl knows what she wants and goes for it, which is no doubt a quality trait...but I had a feeling it would be a struggle to hand over her mama + daddy to the new baby.

To be completely honest, Lennon is a pretty darn good baby. She has always been a good sleeper. She has always been a good eater (breastfeeding and bottle.) She has always had the biggest smile on her face, which is pretty easy to see if you follow along. She is even a pretty good independent player, allowing me some more time for Lo. With that being said I know these tips may not be helpful for everyone but they definitely helped me.


TIP #1

Allowing your toddler to be included in ALL things baby! I mean from the beginning of pregnancy ( and the rest of your life.) Include your toddler in it all. Whether it is a doctors appointment, feeling babies kicks, holding a friends baby, or picking out a little onesie! This is so important because they are your first baby and they need to know what having a new baby even means.


TIP #2

Get a baby doll and show them how things work (yes, even if you have a boy.) It isn't easy when a new baby comes but at least they can understand the work that is going into it and why it takes so much time. Practice diaper changes, practice bathing, practice feeding, sleeping. Practice all of these things in the way that you personally will care for your baby because your toddler will see this first hand before that baby has even arrived and it will help them see those changes more clearly when the new baby has arrived.

*This also helped tremendously with teaching Lo how to be gentle and careful around Lennon. Whether it was talking to her softly, only kissing her head and toes.


TIP #3

Provide your toddler with things for their baby that you would use for your own. We got a few things for Lo's baby doll's so that when I use them on Lennon, she is able to do the same for her doll's (baby carrier, baby bed, diapers..etc.) It basically gives her something to do similar to mama, which definitely helps provide entertainment and allows her to understand what/why I am doing what I am doing.

One of my favorite things that we both use is our Fawn Design matching mama + me diaper bags. I mean seriously, cute! They are super fun in tons of different colors but also have the perfect amount of space for us both! Of course Lo's bag is smaller and full of her essentials such as books, candy, and toys!

TIP #4

Spend that extra time not only before baby comes, but more importantly after. There is nothing that makes Lo crazier than when I don't give her time and yes sometimes it happens ( don't ever be ashamed of it because it will happen.) BUT whether it is 15 minutes away from your hustle to color with your toddler or kick a soccer ball it is needed. On top of those random 15 minutes, make sure to take time away. YES, away from your baby and with your toddler, (when you feel comfortable of course). Take your kiddo swimming, to the petting zoo, or on a walk if you are short on time. Just take the time to get away and have true 1 on 1 time with your oldest so they can feel that they are just as important to you.

TIP #5

This tip should be obvious but it's seriously not. Take time for you! You cannot be a good parent to either of your little ones if you are not sane. Catch a few extra zzz's when you can. Make sure you are eating enough and drinking lots of water! Take a bubble bath, have a glass of wine to wind down, take help from friends/family whenever it is offered (even if you don't think you need it), and make your significant other rub your feet or arms or head or go full on body massage because you are running around all day, sitting in weird positions, and doing all sorts of strange movements when you are in charge of 2 or more kiddos. Basically just do you anytime that you can and you will be a Rockstar!


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