Something that I truly cannot understand is why we still have toll roads that we actually have to stop at. I mean I understand (for the most part) why we have toll roads, but why must we come to a complete stop? Like…Do I need another reason for my child to wake up?

I have been to sooo many cities where I end up receiving tickets in the mail a month later for passing through their toll roads. Usually I am in complete confusion because I had absolutely no idea I did what they were accusing me of doing. And as much as I hate to get “unexpected” toll road tickets, I hate having to stop even more.

I will admit it never truly bothered me until I had a child (something that happens with most things these days.) I mean as a parent you would literally do anything for your child, especially help them sleep.

Car rides have always been a sleep blessing for us (well, except for months 3-4, when a demon was living in my child.) So, you can imagine my level of pissed when I had to stop at a toll road not only once to pick up my ticket, but twice to pay for my ticket (ummm..hello? Why can’t this be combined again?) Let me also remind you that these toll roads have rumble strips (aka the annoying vibrating lines that wake you the fuck up while driving.)

All I have to say is that toll roads can kiss my pretty somewhat-toned ass, because if you wake up my daughter one more time while she is actually taking a good nap, I will be hell on wheels for you…

P.S. toll road workers please don’t yell “Oh, your baby seems super unhappy, maybe she needs something.” -Because now I blame you, not the toll.

For now..we settle for daddy’s arm to comfort and get us back to sleep!


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