Today, I had a little extra time to spare (30 minutes to be exact.) I was running errands and knew I didn’t have to be somewhere until 9 A.M. and it was only 8:30, it seemed like the world was at my fingertips.

Lo was being extra fierce this morning so I decided we would let miss thing do her thing. At this moment doing her thing was allowing her to walk where she pleased.

Normally, while running errands, I have her in the baby carrier, stroller, or I just hold her (I usually count this as my workout for the day.) But with soo much time to spare, I thought, “why not let her roam?”

I am sure most of you realize that this is a terrible decision, but as a first-time mother, I was under the influence of my child’s sass.

So, it happened. I set her down about 50 feet from our destination, expecting this to take up a 5-minute window of our time.

We first stopped at a lovely amber and auburn colored tree. It was quite a serendipitous moment watching my daughter look up at such beauty, while I watched her with that same mesmerization. Of course, that feeling ended when she decided that pulling off a leaf and licking it was even more glorious. (I was even more curious when she licked it a second time before I snatched it. Wondering, “does it really taste good enough for a second lick?”

The second stop was more exciting as Miss. Lo stared into the window of a barber shop. There was only one man getting his hair cut, but several barbers dancing around at her amusement. She giggled and fell on her bum at least 5 times before she decided they weren’t funny anymore.

Next stop was the sorority girls on the corner (by the way I live in a college town.) One was pulling up her ugg boot (I hate to say it but she was wearing jorts with her ugg’s) while the other was trying to push the crosswalk button with her toe. Lolo was immediately drawn in. She has an odd endearment for feet (I choose to see the positive with this obsession, most likely she will be a podiatrist.)

After two more tree’s, a lost left shoe, and one friendly 80-year-old woman, I decided we should head back to the car. It was bound to have been 30 minutes by now, right? Wrong! It was 10:15 and we were late, as usual. Whoops.

I now understand why I never see parents letting their children roam the halls of any store. It is dangerous and you never see it coming (or maybe we do, we just don’t have the heart to say no?)


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