As a mother you really have to start learning what the difference between what you want and what you need is. For instance…

I WANT to have a hot body, but I NEED to eat these cookies.

Being a mom is all about what you need and by what you need I mean what everyone else needs, because you come last.

I always find myself feeling so exhausted. I used to think it was because I was getting up 6 times a night but once I started getting uninterrupted sleep I couldn’t get enough of it. I went from 4-5 hours of sleep to 9+ hours of sleep (except the multiple times the hubby sleep talks to me or “accidentally” kicks me -Restless leg syndrome my ass.)

Now that I feel even more exhausted I think I realized how often I need things for myself but never achieve them because I need things for others more. For instance…

I NEED a shower, but my family NEEDS me to cook, clean, run errands, do the laundry, bathe the baby, build a bridge, and get over it. (Yep, I went there.)

The worst part is that my hubby is always telling me to do something for myself. But when he says that all I can think about is, “what new outfit can I find for Lolo?” It’s a mom curse. It is genetically impossible for us to only think of ourselves at any given time. For instance…

My hubby specifically told me last week to do something for myself, not for Lolo. Of course he didn’t mean abandon our child but it was kind of nice to hear that emphasis. I thought, this is wonderful. I was given direct orders to not do something for Lolo but to do something for me. So, I planned a massage for the day after my daughters first birthday. I figured it would be a stressful week and I deserved it. So, what do I do on Monday at 3:00 pm? I completely forget about my massage because the hubby asked me to go over some papers for him. Typical mom move, but I can’t help it. It’s a blessing and a curse.

One day I will come first but in the meantime, drinks with the girls and the occasional massage from the hubby will do.


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