When you have a kid you start saying things you never thought you’d say. I mean it doesn’t happen initially, it’s more gradual, but it will definitely happen.

For instance, I got my daughter some of those crayola bath crayons (she is obsessed, definitely get some for your kids- I mean, shit I love them too, so even if you don’t have kids you should get some.) Anyway first she started eating them so of course I had to yell, “No Lo, don’t eat the crayons.” That doesn’t sound to strange, right? So she stops eating the crayon and continues to play. Next thing I know I’m yelling, “Lo, we don’t put crayons in our vaginas!” Yep, that ones strange.

I’m pretty positive my husband thought he misheard me from downstairs but nope, it happened. I’m sure it’s not the first strange thing I’ve said, nor will it be my last but it definitely got me thinking….

what do you tell your kiddos private parts are called? I mean, penis and vagina sound so vulgar and serious. I need something cuter, something not so intense.

I’ve heard VV, Vajeen, special spot, cookie, Sophia… IDK people are weird. I’m thinking of just saying vagina and seeing what comes out of her mouth. Most of the time she comes up with her own way of saying things anyway….


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