When I say worst day ever you are probably going to assume that I am being super dramatic (and maybe I am) but to me this day ranks in the top 10.

It all started when my daughter woke up at 4:30 AM! She was coughing, sneezing, blowing out snot with every breath, and worst of all crying non-stop (literally clinging to me would be an understatement.) This meant that 1) Lo couldn’t go to daycare because she was sick and 2) my long planned out day was ruined.

Well, not exactly. I decided to see how those first few hours went, considering it wasn’t even 5 am yet. She became happier and played with me, so I decided we would run a few errands.

  1. COFFEE…because for the life of me I can’t find the right Keurig cups to fit my machine (one size fits all Keurig machines my ass.)

  2. Gas, because I literally was 5 miles to empty and it was already snowing (gotta love CO.)

  3. Sprouts, because my baby needed something to soothe her little body.

  4. Post office, because I still needed to mail out some christmas gifts (yes, I know its almost February.)

  5. Mechanic, because my oil has been on 0% for quite some time.

  6. Home, because I literally can’t.

Let’s ignore these already annoying little things and go on to more annoying things shall we?

While at Sprouts a woman pushed by me and knocked my steaming coffee out of my hand down my shirt, pants, and covered my right shoe.

While at the post office my so called sickly child is now dancing to the music and knocks over several piled up boxes (lovely.)

While getting my oil changed my daughter somehow learned how to take the lid of her sippy cup off and spill it all over the floor and then lay in while pretending to swim.

I am not even sure if I should add that it’s literally 9:15 am at this point..

Later, I decided nothing else could possibly go wrong so I headed to the apple store so that I could get my shit phone to work again. While I waited for 3 hours at the apple store (with a sick child) I had the pleasure of speaking with 4 different people and re-telling each of them my 5 minute spiel about why my phone won’t work (IDFK that’s why I am here.) After this lovely wait, I finally get to meet the technician who tells me to go home and they will call me with detailed instructions on how to reset my phone…He puts my case back on and I leave.

In the meantime I head to the store because the hubby has been out of town and is dying for a home cooked meal. I rush out in anticipation of my call to fix my phone and of course guess what falls out of my pocket and cracks the screen in 3 places…thanks apple technician for securing my case so well.

I wait and wait and wait.. finally the call I’ve been waiting for. Except I also have to explain to this technician whats wrong with my phone. She tells me to reset my phone and then she will call me back in two minutes. It’s been three hours and I am still waiting for that call..

I think I should have stayed home today…


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