Have you ever felt so awkward that you literally panicked and ran away? Well, I have and it wasn’t pretty.

It all happened on Lo’s first day of daycare. I was already a little overwhelmed and my mind was in a million different places. Since it was her first day, I was learning all of the rules. One of those rules is that you must take off your shoes when entering the classrooms or place a shoe protector around your shoe so that you don’t track anything in. I love that rule, because who knows what people bring in on their shoes (two weeks ago I had a lollipop stuck to my shoe & it wasn’t mine or Lo’s…)

As I am rushing out the door of the center, already late for the first day of my mentorship I hear a deep voice from behind me yelling, “Hey lady, you’ve got a booty on ya.” SAY WHAT??? I turn around to see a 30-something man looking down at me laughing. He was clearly a father at the daycare. I was so confused and slightly disgusted. Here I am, dropping off my sweet, innocent child (just like this guy) and here he is making moves. I stared at him for a minute, extremely bewildered. He looked at me laughing still.

I literally didn’t know what to do so I just turned around, without a word, and headed for my car. That’s when he yelled again. “It must be your first day, I just thought I’d let you know.”

I walked into my mentorship that day feeling pretty excited, until some kid comes up to me and says, “Miss you have blue booties on your shoes.”

I haven’t seen that dad again and I really freaking hope I never do.


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